Birthday Celebrations

We love birthdays at Cipriani! But, as we have seen from the wide interpretations of the word "healthy", we have implemented a NO FOOD BIRTHDAY celebration policy.  Cipriani has a large number of students with nut and other food allergies. We encourage parents to consider participating in non-food celebrations. Every child is recognized by the Principal at Friday morning meetings and parents are encouraged to send a favorite book to read aloud to the class on your child's special day, or provide any non-food item to celebrate. Check out the new Healthy Celebrations guidelines and suggestions for special occasions right here! 


In April 2014, BRSSD updated a number of Wellness and Nutrition related policies.  All district policies can be viewed through the School Board tab but our Wellness and Nutrition policies can also be viewed here.

* Note - BP = Board Policy, AR = Administrative Regulations

The Superintendent or designee shall encourage school organizations to use healthy food items and/ or non-food items for fundraising purposes. He/she also shall strongly encourage school staff to avoid the use of non-nutritious foods as a reward for students' academic performance, accomplishments, or classroom behavior. (cf. 1230 - School-Connected Organizations) School staff shall strongly encourage parents/guardians or other volunteers to support the district's nutrition education program by considering nutritional quality and limiting foods or beverages that do not meet nutritional standards when selecting snacks which they may donate for occasional class parties or birthday celebrations. Schools are encouraged to adopt a No-Food Birthdays policy. Class parties or celebrations that include food shall be held after the lunch period when possible. School staff shall strongly discourage students from sharing their foods or beverages with one another during meal or snack times, due to concerns about allergies and other restrictions on some children's diets.