Volunteer Opportunites

Volunteering with PTA is a great way to get involved at Cipriani Elementary.  Do you know who loves when you volunteer?  YOUR KIDS!! Multiple studies have shown that active parent engagement increases children’s success in school.  Cipriani provides many ways for parents to become involved at home and at school, weekly, monthly, or once a year if that is all the time you have. 

All volunteers who volunteer at Cipriani during school hours must be cleared through the District’s Volunteer Clearance. There are various levels of clearance depending on your level of volunteering. To begin the clearance process, please go to the District’s volunteer webpage.

This clearance must be completed prior to working in classrooms or chaperoning field trips.   

Cipriani PTA Committees

Enhancing our children’s educational experience through volunteering

Please take the time to think about how you can contribute to your student and Cipriani.  Not sure how you want to get involved? Talk to your kids about it. They might just inspire you!

PTA has many committees that need leaders and volunteer help:

For more information or to get involved on a committee please contact our PTA Volunteers Coordinator or our PTA President. Volunteer opportunities can also be found on ParentSquare.

Yard Duty

Yard duty begins at 12:00 pm and ends at 1:00 pm for Kindergarten through 5th grades. If you can help support Cipriani staff in supervising students during lunch recess we would greatly appreciate it. Please be sure to get your volunteer clearance done and sign up through ParentSquare or by emailing our Principal