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Resources for Students at Home Sick

With so many of our students out, I wanted to provide some resources for you at home with your children who are quarantining. Teachers are scrambling right now to address all the needs of their students, and don't have the resources to both teach all day and make and collect packets; in order for your students who are at home to remain in good school practice, providing them with a routine and materials is important.

Many of our teachers already have on-line activities available through their websites and Google Classrooms. To supplement these and provide other opportunities to continue learning at home, below are suggested schedules for students, followed by resources to support the schedules. I hope these ideas and suggestions help in supporting your students' ongoing engagement with their education and makes time at home both fun and educational. We look forward to having everyone back soon!


A suggested daily schedule for our younger students should include a variety of activities reflecting their school day. Thus, these students should

  • Read for a minimum of 30 minutes per day
  • Engage in a math activity for 20-30 minutes per day
  • Write for 10-20 minutes per day
  • Do a STEM activity for 20 minutes per day
  • Engage in a choice activity for 20 minutes

A suggested schedule for our older students would also incorporate similar activities to those in which they would engage if they were present at school. Our older students should:

  • Read for a minimum of 40 minutes per day (more is better!)
  • Engage in math review or activities for 30-40 minutes per day
  • Write for 20-40 minutes per day
  • Do a STEM activity for 30 minutes per day 
  • Engage in choice activities for 20 minutes per day



  • Access Cipriani's Library for resources from Ms. Mahar, our wonderful librarian
  • Visit National Geographics for Kids for reading or video resources
  • Search Newsela for fun and engaging reading materials arranged by interest and searchable by grade level
  • Check out Dogo News for interesting materials including current events and world news
  • Look through Time for Kids for interesting articles and videos on a wide range of topics. 


  • Review in your workbook, and update any work that needs correcting
  • Access IXL Math to solidify skills and keep up your math growth
  • Visit The Khan Academy to learn new ways to tackle math
  • Check out Tang Math for fun games, puzzles, and brain teasers (let's see who can solve them first!)
  • Go to the Math Playground to give your brain a workout!
  • And there's always my favorite, Soduko (this one is geared towards kids)


  • Check out the Reading and Writing Project for guidance on narrative or informational story writing for grades K-5
  • For younger children, have them draw a picture of a recent event, and then help them fill in more details (either in writing or through drawing). 
  • Take a trip through Poetry 4 Kids to explore how to write funny poems, learn about rhyming, and other poetic basics
  • Revise and edit previous work
  • Have your child create their own personalized home made journal  crafted from recycled materials. Journaling is good for all ages, and especially in these challenging circumstances, can support us all in processing complicated feeling. 



  • Stretch your capabilities with Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Move and groove with Go Noodle (I love these--and even the older kids get into them!)
  • Feeling like a little quieter activity is called for? Curl up in your favorite cozy spot to explore some fun games and puzzles!

So, I know being forced to stay away from school is a drag (believe me. I know). Your time can be well-spent, though! Many of these resources are available in multiple languages, and can be fun for the whole family on these cold winter days!

All my best,