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Arrival & Dismissal

Arrival: Where to meet your class

--------------------------  STUDENTS ONLY ON CAMPUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE   ------------------------

Please DO NOT enter campus dropping off or picking up your student.



TK and Kindergarten students may use the drop off lane this year.  Please arrive at school no earlier than        8:10 am.  Walking students (highly encouraged!) can meet at the flagpole.  All students will be escorted to the TK/Kindergarten playground until their day starts.  The day begins at 8:15am.


1st - 5th Graders ARRIVAL

1st - 5th students arrive at school no earlier than 8:10am. Please drop off your student at the flagpole entrance if you are walking or use the drop off lane. When entering campus please hang your backpack outside your classroom and proceed to the playground where you may play.  When you hear the 8:23 am bell, please line up in your classroom line.  The school day will begin at 8:25am. 



If it is raining TK and K students should report directly to their classrooms.  1st - 5th graders are to hang their backpacks at their classrooms and meet in the MUR.

Dismissal: Where to pick up your student


Please meet your student outside the main entrance near the flag pole.  Teachers will walk students out and dismiss students to designated pick up person. Please keep clear of the entry gates to allow all classrooms to exit.    


If you plan on picking up your student in a car please use the drop off / pick up lane.  Please place a sign in your car with the names of each student and their teacher.

Safety Reminders

It is important that our students are safe at school and on their way to and from school.  Below are reminders to make sure that our students continue to be safe in our school community:

  • NO U-TURNS on Buena Vista.  Follow the Safe Routes to School driving map for Drop Off Lane access.
  • Come to a full and complete STOP at the corners of Monserat and Buena Vista as well as Cipriani and Buena Vista.  Many of our students walk.  
  • DO NOT DOUBLE PARK on Buena Vista.  The Belmont Police Department will routinely drive by during dismissal and has informed us that they will ticket!
  • NO DOGS on school property, they must be on the public side walk at all times.
  • DO NOT CROSS IN OR NEAR DROP OFF LANE.  This is VERY dangerous.  Drivers are paying attention to drop off lane flaggers NOT you jay walking!  Please walk down to the cross walk at Monserat and Buena Vista or the corner of Palmer and Buena Vista.
  • Please do not drop students off prior to 8:10am, there is no supervision.
  • Campus is closed after school is dismissed for the safety of our childcare program.  If you are waiting for older students please stay in the flagpole/front lawn area only.  
  • Cipriani does have after care provided on campus through Footsteps.