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Field Trips and Drivers

Thanks to generous PTA donations K – 5th grades take one or more field trips during the year that support concepts learned in the classroom.  Parents are essential to help chaperone AND transport children.  Your child’s teacher will talk about specific field trips being planned during Back to School Night.

Please also remember it is state law that anyone under the age of 8 years old is REQUIRED to be in a booster.  If a parent does not provide a booster and an extra booster cannot be located the student will not go on the field trip.  Please remind children to be respectful of chaperones at all times.  If they are asked to sit in a booster they should do so without complaint.  All cars are different, this is for the safety of your child. 

If you are available to chaperone and drive on a field trip there are several things you will need to do first:

  1. Go through the Level 3 Volunteer Clearance with the District.
  2. Get fingerprinted.  This is the second step in your Level 3 clearance. Fingerprinting form will be provided after you fill in the form in step 1.  
  3. Fill in your Vehicle Clearance Form
  4. Give your Vehicle Clearance Form, a copy of your insurance with minimum coverages listed and a copy of your driver's license to your student's teacher.  (Hint! If you have more than one student make a second copy for your other student's teacher and you'll be set in both classes for driving.)

Remember the Volunteer Clearance may take a while so if you think you might be able to drive any time during your child's elementary or middle school years with BRSSD then fill it out.  Yes, you only have to do the Volunteer Clearance with fingerprinting once and it will cover you volunteering through 8th grade with BRSSD!