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Class Assignment

You will receive your student's class assignment after you have filled in the Student Information Update that will be emailed to you in August prior to school starting.  The Student Information Update is very important as this is where you provide Cipriani with vital information such as your student's emergency contacts.  Please be sure to complete these online forms as soon as you can.  Class assignments are usually emailed the weekend prior to school starting.

Please know that many factors are considered when placing students.  Your child's former teacher, along with his/her colleagues, created the class lists after carefully considering what is best for each student as well as the needs of all Cipriani students.  

There will be NO CHANGES to class rosters during the first 10 days of school.  If there is a concern about a placement, please notify the office after the first 3 days of school via e-mail, voicemail, appointment, or letter.

If the problem is still not resolved, please follow the Parent Requests for Placement Change process:

  1.  Parents and teacher meet to discuss concerns. Parents must explain in writing how the current situation is not meeting their child’s needs and what they would need to see in order to reach a satisfactory outcome.
  2. The teacher has 10 days to address the parents’ concerns.
  3. If the parents remain unsatisfied after 10 school days, the teacher and parents will meet for a Student Study Team (SST) meeting.
  4. The Student Study team will collaborate to resolve the issues and determine the next course of action.